Toysie Snappers

Toysie Snappers
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Latch onto your child's creativity in a big way. 80 extra large, lightweight tiles interlock in 6 directions forming large-scale mosaics the smallest child can create.
Here's a snapshot... Little hands fascinated by the smooth colorful plastic, grasp tiles easily, turn them over, take note of the shape and delight in the discovery that they can be effortlessly linked together. Soon, the same hands recognize colors, count out the snappers, initiate patterning sequences and assemble brilliant mosaics. It's not long before the 10 picture pattern cards get noticed, little minds make connections and TaDa! New creations - their first Toysie Snappers models evolve!
Toysie Snappers are early construction toys that enable kids to snap up skills... color recognition, patterning, counting ability, small motor movements, visual spatial skills, logical thinking.
Identified as a building toy perfectly suited for the educational needs of 3 & 4 year old preschoolers, the skill building potential is so impressive that Toysie Snappers won a 2006 National Parenting Publications Award (NAPPA) for outstanding children's product!
Fabulous creativity and open-ended design, Toysie Snappers are toddler activity toys, a preschool toy favorite.... & one snap decision your child will prove was worthwhile.
Ages 2+

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