Teen Trends Kianna Doll

Teen Trends Kianna Doll
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Product Description

  • Meet Kianna, one of the cool new fashion dolls from Mattel

  • Includes a journal showing Kianna's unique fashion tastes and style

  • Kianna is about 17H and comes in a reusable closet-style carrying case

  • Poseable doll comes with hairbrush and hair gel for streaking her dark hair

  • For ages 6 years and up The Teen Trends dolls are stylish teenage friends each with a different "personality" and look just like regular girls. Each doll is 17-inches tall with a pose-able body, beautiful hair and unique doll case. Kianna doll is the glam rocker who loves to go to concerts, play guitar and write music. Kianna doll is dressed in a trendy realistic outfit with lots of cool zipper details and great accessories. She comes with pink hair gel so girls can highlight her hair and lots of fun hair accessories including a chopstick ponytail holder and brush. Kianna doll also comes with a cool mag showing off her different looks and hairstyles. The magazine also includes a sheet of flocked decals that girls can use to decorate Kianna doll's clothing. Girls will love their Kianna doll because she's just the kind of rockin' friend they'd like to have!
  • Age: 6 years and up
  • condition :re-newed
  • warranty: 90 days