Star Theater 2

Star Theater 2
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Study the night sky on your walls & ceiling overhead. Listen to a guided audio tour of the sky. Then tuck your cute little star sphere under your arm and head outside for a first class view of the Milky Way.
The sphere's dome-shaped upper hemisphere has a built in compass and glows in the dark. So what? So . . .you can see see a perfect replica of the sky in miniature. Simplify the process of locating your favorite constellations when you take it outside and find the same constellations lit up (and labeled with their names) right below you--directly up above you!
Imagine a simple, highly effective method of learning about Astronomy. Being able to point out constellations. Having greater understanding and appreciation of the wonders of the cosmos.
The guided audio tour of the sky in CD format allows you to listen and learn with multi-sensory reinforcement!
Control the included Meteor Maker to project streaking comets overhead-even includes a Halley's comet slide.
Ages 6+

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