Security Motion Alarm with Entry Chime

Security Motion Alarm with Entry Chime
Item# MAAC
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Product Description

Item #: MAAC. This device is both an ear piercing security alarm and a pleasant entry announcer. It employs the latest technology to prevent the chime from continually sounding once it has been activated. A common problem with other door chimes is that they will continually sound as long as someone is standing in the detection area. Obviously this can be very annoying in a home or business. This is the first device we have seen that solves this problem. It does so by automatically disabling the chime for about five seconds after it sounds. Once no further movement is detected it resets itself. This allows someone to enter a store (for example) and remain within the detection area for as long as they wish and the chime will only sound one time. Once that person has left the detection area for five seconds, the next person entering will again activate the chime. In the alarm mode, an ear piercing alarm will sound when someone enters the protected area. The alarm will sound for one minute and automatically reset itself if motion is no longer detected. Includes a wall mounting bracket. The alarm is less than four and a half inches tall and it can easily be removed from the bracket and taken with you when traveling. May be used to monitor children or the elderly inside the home. Also great for a retail store, office, or hotel room. FEATURES:
  • Infrared motion activated sensor detects motion up to 10 meters away
  • Alarm or chime model
  • 80 degree angle of coverage
  • Low battery indicator

  • Weights 7 oz, measures about 2.75" x 1.25" x 4.5".
  • Requires three AA batteries (not included) or DC 4.5v transformer (not included)
  • Battery life: Appr. 6 months (for Alkaline batteries)- detection only.

  • Retail store, home, office: The unit may be mounted so that entry through a door or window can be detected, and sound the alarm. Loud noises will quite often scare away intruders, while at the same time alerting the owner.
  • Travel alarm: The alarm may be placed on any table or shelf and detected towards doors, windows etc. It will provide protection for people, and luggage, while on a business trip, at holiday hotel, at camp site etc.
  • Greet visitors: When switched to CHIME, and pointed towards entrances, a pleasant "DING DONG" will be heard to announce any visitor.
  • Monitoring children or the elderly
  • condition: re-newed
  • warranty: 90 days

  • Wall mount, screws, and an alarm system