RCA RD2780 LYRA - 20GB Audio/Video Jukebox - MPEG4 Viewer

RCA RD2780 LYRA - 20GB Audio/Video Jukebox - MPEG4 Viewer
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Product Description

Put a "Virtual VCR" and Hours of Entertainment in Your Pocket! The palm-sized 20GB Lyra Audio/Video Jukebox is a world full of entertainment at one's fingertips - enabling movie and music buffs to easily transport hours worth of their favorite content in their coat pocket. The device is about the size of a small picture frame and features a large LCD Screen, the Lyra A/V also acts as a computer storage device, is compatible with multiple audio and video codecs, and can be easily connected to most standard television sets for analog playback.

Enjoy up to 80 hours of pre-recorded television shows, feature films or home videos directly on the LCD screen. Easily connect the device to a television set via an analog composite video output. With the built-in, separate audio and video recording modes, recording on the device is quick and easy. The display screen can also be used to organize digital audio music files or other types of stored data, including computer files such as word processing documents and presentations.

The Lyra A/V Jukebox can also be a portable pocket photo album, since JPEG images can be viewed by either transferring them directly from the PC using a USB 2.0 High Speed connection or by inserting a compact flash memory card. Keep all of your entertainment at your fingertips with this Lyra A/V Jukebox!


  • Lyra Audio/Video Jukebox - 20 GB Hard Disk Drive
  • MPEG-4/MPEG-1/JPEG/mp3/mp3PRO/WMA Playback
  • High Speed USB 2.0 Connection
  • Composite Video Output and Bypass Mode
  • Audio and Video Recording Mode
  • Compact Flash (Type 1) Slot
  • Play Modes: 6
  • DSP Modes: Flat/Bass/Rock/Pop/Jazz
  • Hold Function
  • Track Search: Forward / Reverse
  • Auto Resume
  • Auto Power Down
  • Digital Volume Control
  • Compatibility: mp3, Windows Media Audio, AAC, mp3PRO
  • Supported Bit Rates for mp3: 32 kbps up to 320 kbps Supported Bit Rates for Window Media Audio: 48 kbps up to 160 kbps
  • Bright LED/ Backlit
  • Backlight Brightness Adjustment
  • Bypass Mode
  • Play Mode
  • Table of Contents / Playlist
  • Elapsed Time
  • Digital Volume Level
  • Battery Level Indicator
  • Plays Back MPEG-1 / MPEG 4
  • Software Upgradeable
  • Recording Mode Analog Video Input to MPEG-4
  • JPEG Image Playback
  • Compact Flash (Type 1) Slot
  • Zoom and Rotate Function
  • Slide Show Mode w/mp3 Playback
  • mp3 Equalizer
  • Drag and Drop (Mass Storage): (PC / Mac*)
  • Software Upgradeable: Other Advanced Audio Codecs
  • Stereo Headphone Jack
  • Mini USB Jack
  • Stereo Line-Out Jack
  • External DC Power Jack
  • Stereo Line-In Jack
  • Composite Video In / Out


    - Hard Disc Storage Capacity: 20 GB
    - Rotational Speed: 4200 RPM
    - Connection: USB 2.0, 480 Mbps
    - Average Access Time: 12 MS
    - Display Type: QVGA 320 x 240
    - Size of Display: 3.5 inch
    - Hard Disk Space Needed: 50 MB for Software Only
    - CD Driver Capability: Digital Audio Extraction
    - Video Card: 256 Bit Color
    - Battery Requirements: Lithium Ion Polymer (Rechargeable)
    - Dimensions (WxHxD) Inches: 5.37 x 3.13 x .95
    - System requirements: PC Processor: 233 MHz or higher
    - PC Operating System: Windows98SE,Me,2000*,XP.
    - Mac Operating System: OS X-Ver.10.1.5 or higher;
    - Internet Navigator: Explorer 5.0 or Higher


  • Music Management Software
  • USB Cable
  • Ear Buds
  • Audio Line-Out Cable
  • Carrying Pouch
  • Car Kit
  • Car DC Adapter
  • Car Cassette Audio Adapter Shipping Weight: 5 lbs