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Product Description

Oppenheim Toy Porfolio Platinum Award 2006! Nominated-Outdoor Toy of the Year 2006!
A car toy exceeding expectations. The future has arrived at Fat Brain Toys and it's one smooth operator.
Hop on the Plasma Car and prepare to zip, zoom & cruise! The trike that looks and acts like a race car from the future. Not the typical toy pedal car, this ride on toy has even the adults at Fat Brain Toys car crazy!
We are truly wound up about this revolutionary design. An inside or outside toy designed like a trike without any pedals, gears or batteries! More fun than a scooter...and it supports up to 220 pounds!!!
What puts the PlasmaCar in a class by itself though, is the very nature of this cool science toy...
The PlasmaCar is powered by inexhaustible kid-power and harnesses the natural forces of centrifugal force and gravity. Effectively reducing forces of friction & inertia in its design! It's a fun car so easy to operate; all it needs is a driver and a smooth, flat surface!The bike of the future! To mobilize this fun riding toy simply turn the wheel from left to right and let nature's forces do the work!
To slow down - just stop turning the wheel... To stop - just put your feet down on the floor or pavement.
Ages 3+