O2-Cool� 8101 Deluxe Water Misting Fan,

O2-Cool� 8101 Deluxe Water Misting Fan,
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Product Description

Instant relief from summer heat!

Great for sporting events, kids, outdoor activities, and at the pool.

During a power outage due to a natural disaster or other causes, loss of fans and air-conditioning makes life miserable and can be dangerous, especially during stifling, sizzling summer heat when it becomes harder to breathe. Take your personal cooling system with you wherever you go for reliable comfort.

Great for pools, beach, camping, the gym, outdoor work, any place where it is hot and you need to cool off. Watering misting fans are personal, hand-held, battery operated fans that add a fine water mist to the air flow, providing evaporative cooling.

It�s a scorching hot afternoon and you need cooling relief, quick! The portable Deluxe Water Misting Fan is within easy reach. You push the button and the transparent fan blades provide a chilling cool breeze. Squeeze the trigger and ice cold mist floats towards you, instantly saving the day!

Keep cool this summer with our refreshing battery operated Handheld cool Water Misting Fan with strap. Your own personal water misting fan is battery operated with a trigger for a quick blast of refreshing, cooling mist. This personal misting fan includes a shoulder strap for those long walks at Disney Land. Large opening allows ice for an even more refreshing blast of mist. Handheld personal battery operated misting fan. Assorted water misting fan colors shipped.

The water misting and the battery fan combination work together or independently. The blades are clear and safe and the bottom is nice and flat so you can stand it on your desk next to you. Keep it on your night stand. Stand it up next to the stove in the kitchen. Keep it next to your bottle of water by your yoga mat. This misting fan is about 11� inches tall.


Keep cool this summer with our refreshing battery operated Handheld cool Water Misting Fan with strap.

These amazing battery operated fans put out a real nice cool breeze and can be positioned on a table or office desk to any direction to keep you cool all summer.

This will be in everyone�s beach kit this summer. A combination, so eloquently simple, you will not believe it hasn't been done before. A personal fan and a quality atomizer all in one. The O2-Cool� will keep you cool on the hottest days, during sporting events (whether a participant or a spectator). It has safe foam blades and requires 2 AA alkaline batteries. O2-Cool� Misting Fan is like having your own personal air conditioner that you can carry anywhere.

Powerful yet clear fan blades
Over 2000 mist with each refill
Requires 2 AA batteries, not included
Water Fill: 10 fl. oz.
Color: Transparent Blue

Dimensions (L x W x H): 3.69 x 2.6 x 10.44


Personal Portable Hand Spray Water Mister Anywhere & Anytime Its Hot Perfect for all types of misting purposes

Easy to Carry!!

Also Doubles As Drinking Bottle.

� Sunbathing
� Going to the Beach
� Fishing
� Boating
� Hiking
� Biking
� Construction
� Outdoor Work
� Fairs & Festivals
� Gardening and yard work
� Spectator Sports
� Sporting Events
� Golfer in Your Family
� Jogging
� Aeorbics, Take It To The Gym!

Anywhere & Anytime Its Hot!!
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