Anti-Intruder Phone Dialing Alarm

Anti-Intruder Phone Dialing Alarm
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Product Description

Anti-Intruder Phone Dialing Alarm
Auto Dialing Motion Alarm

Why pay monthly fees? Why pay hundreds of dollar? If you can protect your home or office for less than $40. This low cost battery operated unit (requires 4 AAA batteries) can stop thieves and robbers by simply plug into your phone sockets. The crooks will be surprised by the stealth dialing after a motion is detected.

Brand New Automatically Dials 3 phone numbers and activates 125 decibel siren (disabled if desired) when an intruder steps into a protected area of 23X44 feets detected by motion Infrared sensors.
  • Simple 4-digit code to set up. No wiring -easy installation.
  • 6 sec outgoing message. 30 sec exit delay. 10 sec entry delay.
  • Pass word protection. Arm and disarm. Choice of silent alarm (phone you and others) or ear-piercing siren plus phone to 3 different numbers.
  • Auto reset alarm to avoid false alarm.

    A must-have for all security conscious home owners with a budget mind. We do recommend you call the authorities if intruders are dectected and not trying to handle by yourself.

    Detect intruders with this amazing motion detector that automatically dials up to 3 stored phone numbers. You will be alerted by a your own recorded message when a situation arises. Detects motion in an area up to 32 ft vertically and 43ft horizontally. Unit is easily installed by plugging into an existing phone line, powered by 4 AAA batteries (not included).

  • Condition:Re-newed
  • Warranty : 90days.
  • AZB000SMM1DY_ha