Fire Retardant Spray - 16 oz

Fire Retardant Spray - 16 oz
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Fire Retardant Spray - 16 oz
Water Based - Non Toxic -Non washable SURVIVES 3 DRY CLEANINGS. Do not run into a hot flame, apply fire retardants to all exposable fabrics. Spray on clothes before escaping the flame. Look at the inset picture of a fire retarded home compared with untreated ones. BonoFiber - Fire retardant for all unsealed natural fiber materials. May be applied by spraying, dipping, soaking, etc. It increases the fire safety of materials by increasing the temperature required for ignition, and reducing the rate of heat release after ignition. Non-toxic and non-hazardous. Coat wooden structures before painting, treat costume fabrics and more. Water soluble, but do not dilute to use. This product has received a New York City Certificate of Approval from the Bureau of Fire Prevention. Available in 1 gallon size. Not Harmful to Plants or Animals - (No PBDEs - Polybrominated diphenyl ethers)

RECOMMENDED USE: Fabric Seal fire Retardant Concentrate is normally diluted before application. INTERIOR: Fabric Seal fire Retardant can be applied by spray or dipping applications. Use with harder to treat synthetics. Spray at approximately. 300 square feet per gallon by spray method or, if dipping materials, extract excess by use of spin cycle (washer), extractor (Industrial), or by wringing out (by hand). Then simply allow to air dry or force dry with a clothes dryer. This product may be used on : Carpet, Draperies, Wall Coverings, etc. For all natural & synthetic fabrics.

PURPOSE: FABRIC SEAL CONCENTRATE fire Retardant is for tough 100% synthetic fibers. Available for high volume customers to lower shipping costs. ENVIRONMENTAL REGULATIONS: This product complies with U.S. Federal Regulations concerning the use of lead in paint AND hydrocarbon emissions. 330263050036