Evacu-Chute high rise building low altitude escape parachute

Evacu-Chute high rise building low altitude escape parachute
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Evacu-Chute high rise building low altitude escape parachute
The Evacu-Chute canopy cloth is F111 "zero porosity" rip stop nylon. The skirt is reinforces with 1" mil spec. nylon tape neatly wrapped and stitched with a precision four-needle machine. The line attachments have V-Tab reinforcements, sewn in place with a computerized machine, ensuring consistently high quality and strength. The bridle is made from 6,000 pound nylon webbing (UV Resistant). The attachment loop is covered with a Teflon sheath, to protect it from dangerous friction which may occur during deployment. Finally, the bridle has a line sheath attached to protect the lines where they link to it. This canopy holds several certifications in European and US military applications. High quality standards and materials make this a long lasting device. It will stay in working order for many years provided it is stored in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight. It is required to be inspected and repacked periodically, generally every 3-5 years. In the event that you have to use this device, it opens rapidly in 1.5 seconds to full inflation. The descent rate is approximately 1000 feet per minute. The fast descent is important so it gets you to the ground quickly. You will avoid floating around precariously on air currents. The chute has been tested from as low as 125 feet. The deceleration and landing results were very acceptable, and survivable. 122478344315
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