Deluxe Puppet Theater

Deluxe Puppet Theater
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Product Description

When I first saw this puppet theatre, my thoughts instantly traveled back a few years to "The Sound of Music."
Remember Julie Andrews, the kids hanging all over the trees dressed in drapes, the rolling Alps. Gee, I loved that movie...and my favorite snippet was the puppet show. I spent the next two days trying to make marionettes out of cereal boxes and dish towels - the goofiest-looking things imaginable... If only I had a theatre!
Here's a puppet theatre that will match your creativity and expectations. Lush, thick red velvet curtains (with delightful gold fringe) and ties to open and close at the grand performance, an oversize child's clock with bright orange and blue hands to announce the next upcoming performance time, a dry erase board for writing the title or act number. Plenty of room behind the cheerful precisely hand-painted graphics & large-scale, gilded frame for a friend too.
Yep, it's snazzy all right. Worth every inch of space it requires and the dramatic play it inspires!

Think of the skills your kids will refine...creative planning, innovative problem solving, skills in speech, presentation & performance, teamwork, the ability to think on their feet and use their minds to think out of structured everyday life.
If your child is quiet or somewhat shy...a puppet theatre is the perfect safe haven for encouraging self-expression - just the right amount of anonymity to bring personality to the surface.
Your kids will clearly thrive with this long-lasting amusement. Toss a few great, versatile Melissa and Doug puppets into the mix and you've got creative antics that'll leave you laughing and gasping for breath. On our honor.
  • Dimensions: 24 inches x 54.5 inches x 21 inches
  • Ages 3+
  • Material wood
  • Condition: re-newed