Cranium Whoonu for family fun

Cranium Whoonu for family fun
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Product Description

How well do you and your family know each other? Cranium Whoonu offers a fun-filled, loads-of-laughs way to find out. It?s an easy-to-play hoot for all ages as players pick cards and try to guess each other?s least to most favorite things. The categories and choices are diverse and clever and sure to spur laughs. Whoonu is perfect for the whole family, as it?s easy to learn and takes only 10?15 minutes to play a round.
Guess how much you know about the other players to win at this lively Cranium game.
  • Game includes board, tokens, secret envelope and instructions
  • For 3-6 players
  • For ages 8 and up
  • Condition: Renewed
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