Back Relief Belt

Back Relief Belt
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Product Description

Back Relief Belt
Dr. Grosso's Back Relief Belt makes every chair your favorite chair.

Your air adjustable Back Relief Belt provides you with custom Lumbar support when you need it. With just a few simple pumps you can create the perfect amount of support and cushion, wherever you sit, guaranteed! It's perfect for travel, providing support and soothing relief. Your Back Belt comes with freezer and microwave-safe hot/cold packs for soothing relief. You'll also receive Dr. Grosso's booklet, Guide to a Pain-Free Back.


  • Adjustable air pocket inflate with a few pumps
  • Straps adjust to fit any waist size
  • Hot and cold packs insert into the back of the belt for soothing comfort
  • Adjustable to any waist size

    Package includes:

  • Back Relief Belt - 1 size fits most 57" L x 5.5" W
  • Free Bonus - Reuseable Hot & Cold Packets
  • Condition: Re-Newed
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